My name is Jakub Nguyen. I hope we will become a friends and friends are using just first name, that's why you can call me just by name - Jakub.


Privately, father of daughter and husband of wife. Hope to have a son because he will bring gender balance at home.

It would be good to write something about the hobby, but I'm looking for it all the time.


My journey with advertising began with the organization of advertising materials for my father's restaurant. Later I was responsible, for marketing in a large Polish company and finally my own company. I currently live in the Netherlands and try to transfer my skills on local market.


Because I have mostly get my experience by learning from my own (often expensive) mistakes, I know how important it is to get help from someone who knows the issue. The basic knowledge in the field of graphics, programming and audio / video processing, I obtained at the school in the Information Management Class. It was, however, only the first step of many that I had to overcome. A passion was born that later gave me a job and still have big influence on my life. My experience and all the successes and failures behind it are therefore an invaluable value added to our cooperation.


I like to share my knowledge and advice with everybody who is willing to listen to it.